Department of Orthopaedics is one of the major clinical service department offering Trauma & Orthopaedic Care. The above services are excellently managed by most efficient, experienced faculty who are trained in India & abroad and performing special surgical operations, apart from routine work.

The department caters 24 hours accident and Orthopaedic emergency services. Starting from reception of the patients in accident and emergency department till the patients passes through rehabilitation programme. It is fully supported by Neurosurgery, Gen. Surgery, Faciomaxillary Reconstructive Surgery, Physiotherapy and Artificial Limb Centre.

Clinical services in the speciality offered are as follows. (Types of Surgeries)

  • Trauma including major polytrauma
  • Total Hip Replacement & Total Knee Replacement
  • Spine - Spinal Instrumentations
  • Deformity corrections : Limb lengthening and deformity correction by Oganesyan External Fixators.
  • Re-implantation of severed limbs
  • Arthroscopies ACL reconstructive
  • Therapeutic procedure
  • Hand reconstructive surgeries


Apart from routine out patient clinics also runs a following speciality clinics

  • Osteoporosis detection (Bone strength weakness disease specially in Postmenopausal women & old men).
  • Backache clinic
  • Arthritis clinic (Joint pains, Rheumatic pains)



AO and reputed Indian company instruments for Trauma managements, imported Zimmer Implants for Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacements, Stryker Arthroscopy complete set and Russian Oganesyan Ring Fixators.


The department conducted Orthopaedic Zonal Conference and International workshop such as Hip & Knee Replacements, Spine, Oganesyan External Fixators, Arthroscopy, Interlock Nailing and Hand workshop.

Our department conducted health check-up camps in the following problems like, Osteo Arthritis, Osteoporosis, backache, Polio, Cerebral palsy for the benefits of poor and down trodden.

B/L osteoarthritis knee with varus 20° B/L TKR 2 yrs follow up with knee alignment 4.9° valgus with bone graft
6 months postoperative with other knee RA B/L TKR 1 yr follow up
Varus 30° with RA Post op. Knee alignment 4.9° valgus


List of Consultants

  • Dr. S.V. Udapudi
  • Dr.S.T.Sanikop
  • Dr.R.S.Jatti
  • Dr. D. Kale
  • Dr. R.B. Uppin
  • Dr. S.M. Haveri
  • Dr.K.S.Patil
  • Dr.M.Y.Patil
  • Dr. Puneet Chamakeri
  • Dr. S.K.Saidapur
  • Dr. B.G.Patel
  • Dr. Sagar Gaikwad