Chairman’s Message

Chairman - Shri. Prabhakar. B. Kore
Chairman - Shri. Prabhakar. B. Kore

Excellence in Treatment & Care
Today, we are passing through difficult times. Options are very limited before us. Let us, therefore, opt for working honestly, truly and with full dedication. This is what precisely the K.L.E. Society stands for.

As the Chairman of the K.L.E. Society, I invite you all, my brothers and sisters, to join me in my endeavour to achieve good progress for the prosperity of one and all.

I dare not say that I have done great many things for you. What I have done is precious little and what I should do shall be much more. I need your help and moral support to accomplish my task of building a responsible Society around you and me.
It is not that I am alone, but there are people around me. I am rather proud to say that I have the Members of the Board of Management who are standing solidly behind me. There are Life Members, dedicated members of the staff and students who always work both directly and indirectly to help me in the fulfillment of the ambitious schemes that I have planned for the K.L.E. Society.

Let me invite co-operation from the general public and good wishes from the friends and relatives. Let my staff be disciplined, the rich be philanthropic and the Government be extending the liberal support. With all this as mine, I shall rededicate myself to do something for which the K.L.E. Society has stood for, all these ninety four years.