Location : 1st floor No : 23

Started on : 10th June 1996 in KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC

Working days : All Working days

Working timings : 09-00 a.m to 01-00 p.m/ 3-00 p.m – 05-00 p.m

The Department deals diseases of skin, hair, nails, sexually transmitted infections and cases of Leprosy.

There are 30 beds for admitting patients with dermatological emergencies, serious skin diseases, infectious diseases of the skin and patients with complication of leprosy.

Special Dermatosurgical & Cosmetic procedures are done in the OPD

Procedures Indications
1 Electrocautery (using ELLMAN Radiofrequency) Warets, Frecakles, Lentigeus, Benigh skin tumours, Skin, tags, DNP.
2 Intralesional Steroids Keloides, Lichen planus, Alopecia areata, Psoriasis, LSC, Vitiligo, etc.
3 Cryosurgery Warts, Benign skin tumours etc.
4 PUVA Therapy ( Psorane+UVA light therapy ) For Vitiligo, Psoridsis etc.
5 Vitiligo Surgeries Dermabrasion, Suction Blister Grafting, Punch Grafting, Spot Chemical wounding, Tatooing.
6 Iontophoresis Palmoplantar, Hyper Hydrosis
7 Electrolysis Excessive Hair Growth
8 Acne Surgeries Comedone Extraction Acne Scar Subcission , Chemical Peels
9 Chemical Pilling & Glycolic Acid Melasma & Other Pigmentory Disorder
10 Chemical Catery Warts, Xanthelasma, Molluscum etc
11 Molluscum Extraction Molluscum bodies
12 Nail Surgery Diagnosis of Diseases affecting the nails
13 Excision Moles, Tatoo removal

List of Consultants

Dr. B. S. Manjunathswamy
Dr.Shivakumar Patil